About us

Backed by almost 35 years of experience and also the first IT company in Macedonia, Infoproject develops and offers top software for company management. Infoproject produces specially made business programs, created according to the requirements and needs of the client.

Our software is based on a robust technology that has superior features compared to outdated solutions of this kind.

Such a personalized package allows for easy implementation, complete back-end processing of important data and immediate production of precise and detailed reports.

The comprehensive system of operation allows our customers to reduce costs, significant efficiency in operation, as well as saving time and money. Information and time are the most valuable resources, and our software enables return on investment (RoI).

Our users are domestic and foreign companies that already feel the benefits of increasing profits, reducing costs, saving resources and increasing productivity. As a result of our many years of experience, we can easily identify the problems faced by our customers and offer an appropriate solution. The implementation of our solutions is fast, and they can be used immediately. Infoprojekt stands behind the quality of our software solutions, as evidenced by the list of our loyal customers. The list is extensive, and this is only a part of it.

Ading AD, Skopje
Two factories, one of which is abroad, 10 international representative offices and sales points
Centro Union, Skopje
One of the largest distributors of white goods, electronics and household appliances in Macedonia, several thousand buyers), distribution of goods throughout the country, import-export, etc.
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine – Skopje
100 user positions, Laboratory system for managing examinations in nationally and regionally certified laboratories
Red Cross of the Republic of North Macedonia
The Red Cross is an international humanitarian organization that provides emergency aid, support and protection to people in crisis situations and conflicts.
Civil Engineering Institute Macedonia
A leading company in the field of construction through constant investment in innovation and human capital.
Fero Invest Holding
Leaders in Macedonia and the Western Balkans region in renewable energy sources and the metal industry.
USAID Food Security and Social Services
A USAID program that provides support to improve access to food and social services for vulnerable communities.
Komercijalna Banka AD Akopje
BMS (Building Management) System
Shortcut Production
A massive hosting solution for a free speech media platform with 15 news portals.
Belina Skopje
Wholesale of paints and varnishes, building materials, agricultural tools and the rest.
Clients testify to the responsibility, proactivity, ethics and reliability of our company. The end result for our clients is the ability to reduce total operating costs associated with operations, improve production, increase sales and human resource effectiveness. At the same time to receive a more valuable and richer set of financial and business information. We pride ourselves on the fact that we understand the dynamics of the business environment as much as we understand the technical requirements.
Infoproject participates in defining the needs of each workplace, assesses knowledge and skills, identifies document and information flows and provides the necessary training. All this is necessary for a successful implementation of the system, and we are one of the few that offer this combination. An expert team of highly educated and certified engineers for the applied technologies works in the implementation.