Infomatrix ERP

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. This powerful information system integrates and automates all key business processes. Such as: taking orders, scheduling activities, tracking/restocking inventory and financial information. The Infomatrix system enables huge improvements in the efficiency of any company through:
Defining business activities and monitoring them throughout the entire production chain.
Protection of critically important data through several layers of backup and security gates that keep all key information from any danger.
Workload planning based on automatically prepared precise analysis of orders, inventory and delivery channels.
It provides you with the tools to deliver a high level of service and added value to your customers.
Translating raw data into usable information for making critical decisions.

After the implementation, the company using the Infomatrix system will see several significant effects in the operation:

Integration across all business processes

Informatrix enables you to get the full benefit of an Infomatrix system by integrating all aspects of your business from sales and customer relations, through planning and organizing, to production and distribution.
This integration allows you to make informed decisions, reduce costs and increase productivity, ensuring the continued growth and development of your business.

Automation and increasing productivity

Through the automation of activities, the Infomatrix system makes them more efficient, reduces the possibility of errors, speeds up work and frees employees from double work.
This automation allows you to focus on strategic activities, improving the overall performance of your organization and ensuring continued growth and success. With Infomatrix you can eliminate routine tasks, reduce execution time and optimize resources.

Improving overall performance

By integrating the different business processes, the Infomatrix system ensures coherence, avoids double entries or discontinuity of work between different employees from different sectors.
The cumulative positive effect of the integration of business processes is the overall superior performance of the company.

Quality reports and analyses

The Infomatrix system allows you to receive financial and non-financial reports and analyzes of your company's performance.
Our advanced analytical tools allow you to generate detailed and accurate reports that reflect the true state of your operations. With Infomatrix you will easily identify trends and discover opportunities for improvement, ensuring the success and growth of your company.

Integration throughout the entire chain of work

Integration across the entire supply chain, including your customers and suppliers, gives you full visibility and traceability.
All departments and functions in your organization work as one, enabling seamless coordination and communication. This integration allows you to reduce operating costs, increase productivity and improve the overall performance of your company.

Infomatrix ERP is a true “cloud” software on the Macedonian market that will help you manage business processes in your company, such as accounting, production, procurement, archiving, inventory. By applying Cloud technology, Infomatrix allows you to access the system from any computer, at any time, only through an internet browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari…).
Regardless of the size of your company, this software is especially useful for both large and micro, small and medium-sized enterprises in Macedonia, as it reduces the costs of their operations.
If you want your company to work more profitably, you should opt for the introduction of software that will facilitate the management of your business activities. The sooner this system is introduced, the sooner the desired results will be achieved. Infomatrix ERP offers you easy access to the data archive and simple processing of activities, saving your time and money, because all tasks are performed faster without the need for new investment.
With this software, it works as one big structure, in a safe and reliable way. Such an approach allows to reduce operational errors and increase the performance of enterprises. Regardless of the physical location of the users and their data, the operation of the enterprises takes place without interruption. The availability and ease of access enabled by this software break down all spatial and temporal barriers for the successful implementation of business activities.
The large number of activities such as sales, receipt of goods, accounting, production, planning, human resource management, etc., which are part of the work of an enterprise, take a lot of time and are associated with large material costs during their implementation. A large number of companies in the world, precisely for these reasons, have reoriented themselves and use software services to manage the various aspects of their businesses.
Without additional costs for modernized hardware, software and specially trained IT staff, using standard Internet browsers and connections, these enterprises quickly, easily and simply fit into business everyday life, because they work through technology that is well known to everyone.
The main goal of every enterprise is to increase its profit. This is possible by improving the efficiency of the company, increasing sales of products and services, reducing costs, etc. Software designed to facilitate the management of your company’s activities leads to a significant improvement in company functioning. Improvement of operations inside the company itself, among its various sectors, is also reflected in the quality of business communications with the external environment, and in this way, the profitability itself undoubtedly increases.