Infomatrix Finance

Infomatrix Finance is a powerful information system that addresses the changing regulatory and market challenges in the financial industry. Financial data in Infomatrix Finance is always up-to-date thanks to the design of the system. Encrypted database with automatic backup allows complete security in operation in this sensitive industry.

The accounting module contains a full general ledger and a financial statement and balance sheet module covering standard reporting as well as a wide range of internal reports. A seamless flow of information is integrated throughout the system, allowing access to reviews with just one click.

Regulation is a focus in the design of Infomatrix Finance, the system allows the calculation to always be taken into account in order not only to perform accurate tax reporting – but also to manage assets with the aim of optimization.

Management analytics is made easier and more efficient with Infomatrix Finance. The integrated process allows managers to track activities and costs with precision, in real time and with full visibility.

Infomatrix Finance enables monitoring of financial processes, ensuring the value of assets and liabilities at all times. The system standardizes all processes as they occur and evolve. Infomatrix Finance maintains a thorough ledger of all accounting which serves as a record and audit evidence.

Infomatrix Finance with its complete capabilities is an ideal solution for financial institutions. The focus of the information system to support several different registers simultaneously enables the management of clients' funds. The analytical modules of the system provide a thorough and precise overview of the available assets of the clients as well as the best options for their investment. This decision power is crucial in achieving profitability for financial institutions.
Infomatrix Finance contains analytical capabilities that provide everything needed for review and audit. The system can import other people's data, process it and compare it with the records. The design of the system as an ERP gives it tracking capabilities so that if there is an error, it can locate it exactly where it is in the imported register.