Infomatrix Food Production

The production and distribution of food products is a unique industry in many respects. Tracking inventory and costs is critical to achieving bottom line profitability. Infomatrix Food Production is built specifically to help manufacturers effectively deal with the operational challenges this industry has.

With this powerful solution, manufacturers can effectively manage their assets and the entire production chain. Infomatrix Food Production integrates all processes from raw materials to sales and enables companies to effectively manage prices and costs and thereby maximize their profits.

The system enables thorough automation of the process of recording the movement of raw materials, packaging and finished products through the system. That record produces important insights, such as:

Condition of the warehouse with raw materials and/or packaging.

Overview of the input and output of raw materials and/or packaging according to production tranches.

Status of production in progress, records of finished products (with expiration dates, production dates, etc.).

The stock is created automatically, with each production of the product. Also, a complete overview of the purchase value of the used materials and services is formed, that is – production price. Getting this information with just one click is the core of Infomatrix Food Production. This system package has been developed with a full understanding of the issues and challenges that food manufacturers face.

According to the principle that what is entered into the system can also be obtained in an overview, it is possible to immediately monitor the costs, and thus the possibility to manage the operation more efficiently. The powerful system includes all the information that is in circulation in the company, combined with the thorough and automatic processing of the information Infomatrix Food Production allows you to get all the information for external and internal needs with just one click. For example:

  • Overview of calculated VAT.
  • Various inventory lists, price lists.
  • Reviews of prepared documents.
  • Sales reviews, etc.

When Infomatrix Food Production, the integrated flow of information and the automated review of reports are implemented on top of the existing work, business processes will achieve optimal efficiency. The obvious improvement in efficiency is the result of the design of Infomatrix Food Production as an ERP system. A quality built ERP is a company’s nervous system that provides business intelligence, Infomatrix Foods is built to introduce above-average intelligence.