Infomatrix Retail

Infomatrix Retail is a version of Infomatrix that is specially designed for retail companies whose profits depend on good margins and high turnover. Keeping in mind all the most important features of trading businesses, we made sure that the modules in this version of Infomatrix give you all the necessary tools to manage costs and increase your company’s profits.

Infomatrix Retail can help you in several critical processes in the management of your company through

Tracking the entire supply chain by categories, prices, time and locations.

Monitoring the distribution and transportation of products. Timely insight into inventory and warehouse.

Assisting in planning and business processes.

Protection of important business data with a series of security measures.

Conversion of data into information for decision making.

With the information system you can achieve greater efficiency and profitability because Infomatrix Retail performs:

Integration across all business processes

A single ERP system links sales, operations and accounting, and functions as the company's nervous system.

Automation and increased productivity

The integrated system is by design less prone to errors, more accurate and faster. It reduces manual work and frees employees from redundant tasks so they can focus on profitable activities.

Increased performance

With integration and automation, Infomatrix Retail ensures data integration, data duplication, interruptions and no double work are avoided. The cumulative effect of these positive changes is to achieve an overall increase in company performance.

Quality and accurate reports and analyses

Having gathered all the data that passes through the company, Infomatrix Retail enables the generation of reports and analyzes with just one click.

Enabling your customers to give them added value

Through our innovative solutions and personalized services, we help you exceed your customers' expectations, providing them with products and services that bring real value. This not only improves their satisfaction and loyalty, but also increases your company's reputation and competitiveness in the market.