Implementation Prerequisites

Data integrity assurance

Perhaps the greatest asset of any company is its data. Without them, she does not exist. Imagine what you would do if you lost your price lists, invoices, documents, accounts payable and receivable information.

Data access security

In times of veritable floods of hackers, viruses, trojans and worms, your data is more at risk than ever.
One of the key factors for security is the use of the web server. Apache is the server used by more than 70% of all websites on the Internet. That speaks volumes for its safety, robustness and reliability.

Low cost of implementation and maintenance (TCO – Total Cost of Ownership)

The license for the Linux operating system is free – not a single penny is charged. This is completely legal and risk-free for the company (it is about the so-called GPL – General Public Licensing, a license that is free). The only thing you pay for is its installation and setup. Compared to the purchase of, for example, a Windows-based server, the difference is measured in thousands of euros.

Speed ​​and efficient access to data

A good operating system is nothing if you don’t have a solid, secure and fast database along with it, which on the other hand is modern and can cover all types of data that appear in your company.
MySQL is a completely free database with enterprise features, which has a huge presence worldwide.

Modern and advanced technology

Our company prides itself on using modern and advanced technology in all our solutions and services. We constantly follow the latest trends and innovations in the IT industry to provide our customers with the most up-to-date and effective solutions. Whether it’s software development, data management or security systems, our technology platforms are designed to be fast, reliable and easy to use. With modern and advanced technology, we help you increase your business potential and be one step ahead of the competition.

Compatibility with the user’s existing equipment and expandability of access

When making a radical purchase of a new server, new software and introducing changes in operations, the least you need are additional costs for workstations, printers, local network…

Simple and inexpensive possibility to expand and connect

Due to the flexibility of the software used (the operating system and the database), when there is a need for expansion – for example, for a larger capacity, or perhaps for a new location, warehouse or store, it is done with a quick intervention, low cost of implementation and using easily available universal hardware that does not require special conditions.