Business philosophy

We firmly believe that our success is directly related to how much we contribute to helping our clients achieve their business goals today and in the future.
We strive for our solutions to have the potential to increase profitability and maximize investment in information technology, thereby helping customers to operate efficiently with minimal time spent on software support.

Compatibility with ISO standards

At Infoproject, our primary task is to help you refine your operations and create new processes by applying a software system that should set a solid framework of processes, strategies and tools to support operations, yet be flexible enough to accommodates unforeseen, extraordinary or new needs and developments in daily operations.
The framework that is set is not arbitrary and contrived, and therefore potentially unenforceable. It is about the ISO family of international standards. This set of standards specifies the requirements for a quality management system for any organization that wishes to demonstrate the ability to consistently produce products and/or services that conform to the requirements of its customers and applicable legal, technical and other requirements, and whose ongoing the goal is to improve customer satisfaction.


We maintain an intensive quality control program with an emphasis on performance and reliable operation. The Quality Excellence Award is given to companies that maintain high standards in operations, quality in production and user satisfaction - awarded by the users themselves.
We are constantly improving our products and services, using the latest proven computer and software development technologies. As a result of garantiran quality, Infoproject products have been at the top of technology for almost a decade and a half.

With great care, the software developed in our company is adapted to the needs of ISO standards, right down to the last rule. This means that the implementation of ISO standards is greatly facilitated and simplified, now that the framework for its application is present.

This adjustment was not made hermetically or voluntarily, but in cooperation with many consultants and experts, and the most important thing is that it is in use in several ISO-certified companies, in which it shows all its advantages and efficiency.

But this does not mean that it is not applicable in companies in which ISO standards have not been introduced (or are not being introduced). On the contrary, the flexibility and adaptability of the software solution makes it “at home” in any environment and any requirements. On the other hand, it’s good to know that support for ISO standards is here. That way, if you start with its implementation, the software costs will be significantly reduced.