Infomatrix Wholesales

Infomatrix Wholesales is a version of Infomatrix that automates all the processes required for the back-end support of commercialists. For a company whose business is focused on sales, it is extremely important that all processes are integrated.

Infomatrix Wholesales is more than contact management. It is a fully integrated and automated ERP system that gives you real-time access to your entire sales network. Your team has access to the catalog, pricing, available stock, new products and customer status. Sales analytics give you insight into customer behavior and the ability to quickly respond to their needs. This powerful information system will strengthen your sales team and allow you to get the most out of sales and profits.

For this purpose, Infomatrix Wholesales allows you to:

Minimizing input time

Minimizing the time salespeople spend entering orders and checking inventory. That frees up their time for more sales.

Contact management

Through which you can track the activities of each commercialist and ensure that they invest enough effort and time on the right contacts.

Sales tracking

You can see more details on each contact, lead and customer. Managing customers in this way ensures operational efficiency.

Organizing and planning

You can assign tasks, post plans and fill out a work calendar

Work history

Which is archived so that it can be used to further increase sales and efficiency.